Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop 2018

13th -15th of November, 2018
Sydney, Australia

This workshop is the 2018 edition of a series of workshops on silicon quantum electronics that have taken place roughly once a year since 2007. In keeping with the tradition that has developed, there will be no invited speakers. Students, postdocs, and senior researchers in the area of silicon quantum electronics are encouraged to submit abstracts. As many abstracts as possible will be selected for oral presentations, and there will also be poster sessions.

Topics of interest include:

  • Qubit implementations in silicon and silicon-germanium,
  • Advances in materials and fabrication approaches for Si and SiGe qubits,
  • Cryogenic classical (nano)-electronics and classical electronic interfaces with qubits,
  • Computer assisted design and analysis of donor and quantum dot architectures,
  • Theory and modeling of charge and spin decoherence mechanisms in silicon,
  • Quantum error correction for Si and SiGe qubits,
  • Approaches to multi-qubit and coherent on-chip communication,
  • Hybrid-qubit approaches combining Si and/or SiGe with other qubit systems.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney in November.


Local Organising Committee:

  • Professor Michelle Simmons,
  • Professor Andrew Dzurak,
  • Professor Sven Rogge,
  • Professor Andrea Morello,
  • Dr Matthew House,
  • Dr Joris Keizer,
  • Dr Arne Laucht,
  • Dr Jarryd Pla,
  • Tony Raeside,
  • Esra Ertan.

International Advisory Committee:

  • Dr Malcolm Carroll,
  • Professor Mark Eriksson,
  • Dr Mark Gyure,
  • Professor Kohei Itoh,
  • Professor Steve Lyon,
  • Dr Marc Sanquer,
  • Dr Thomas Tarman,
  • Professor Lieven Vandersypen.

List of Previous Workshops in this Series: